May 20, 2024

Auckland Council spends nearly $300,000 on non-accredited business development training

Through a Local Government Official Information Act request the Auckland Ratepayers' Alliance can reveal that $285,000 has been spent by Local Boards and Tataki Auckland Unlimited to Rebel Business School Aotearoa to train locals to start their own business. $270,000 has been spent to set up these meetings since 2018 with $15,000 spent on a long term impact study.

Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance spokesman, Sam Warren said:

“Local Boards are showing Aucklanders that the council isn't the only one that knows how to spend large. A long term study wasn’t needed to demonstrate this is a waste of ratepayers' money.

“Rebel Business school provided a 10-day courses resulting in unaccredited certificates that only acknowledges 'the effort they [attendees] put in to attend.'  If councils want to get more people starting up new businesses – the first step is to cut wasteful spending and lower rates so people can afford the start-up costs.”