May 13, 2024

Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance invites Minister to up the ante and sign petition

In response to Auckland Transport’s introduction of 24-hour parking charges in the CBD, Transport Minister Simeon Brown has expressed support for the Mayor’s calls for greater accountability.  Commenting, Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance Spokesperson, Sam Warren, said:

“The Minister is rightly disappointed by the blockheaded decisions being made by Auckland Transport without any sense of accountability to Aucklanders.  

“The only thing scarier than a Council Controlled Organisation – is one that Council has actually lost control over.

“With no public consultation, and evidently no communication with the Mayor, Auckland Transport has become a force unto itself.

“If the Minister is serious about restoring accountability, I am inviting him to join other Aucklanders in signing our petition to scrap the proposed parking changes and bring AT back in line by visiting”