February 25, 2021

Auckland Museum’s plans for $2 million salary increases a smackdown to ratepayers

The Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance is labelling a planned 11 percent rise in Auckland Museum staff costs, courtesy of the ratepayer, as an out of touch assault on ratepayers’ pockets. Alliance spokesperson, Monique Poirier, says:

“Given the current economic climate, it’s disgraceful that the museum is even considering increasing salaries. It should be looking at ways to reduce costs for ratepayers, not increase them by $2 million.”

“And the salaries are just the start. Overall costs for the museum are set to rise dramatically. The museum needs to better connect to the community and get with the program. There are easy savings in its budget, starting with the 47 staff who are paid more than $100,000.”“47 staff on the big bucks is totally unjustifiable. It’s a museum, not a hospital.”

“Auckland Council’s priority right now needs to be on infrastructure, core services, and slashing wasteful spending. Examples like this show why the Mayor’s proposed 5% rates hike is unjustified.”