May 17, 2024

Auckland’s Long Term Plan a bitter-sweet cocktail

Yesterday Auckland Councillors voted on the future of the Super City through the Mayor’s Long-Term Plan, settling on a series of cumulative rate increases, year on year.

Commenting on these increases, Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance spokesperson, Sam Warren, said:

“For many Aucklanders, the Council’s decision to increase rates during a cost-of-living crisis will be a hard pill to swallow.

“The Mayor has made strides to keep increases lower than initially proposed, however there is little justification to move rates beyond the level of inflation, considering the culture of wasteful spending we see within Auckland Council.

“Council must go to further lengths to demonstrate it can be responsible with ratepayer funds by cutting back its bloated bureaucracy and return focus to only providing core services before rummaging around in the pockets of Aucklanders."