June 10, 2024

Auckland Transport Boss on another planet

In a recent Stuff article, Auckland Transport Chief Executive Dean Kimpton says copping blame for ongoing issues 'part of the job'.

Kimpton says, “[we’ve] got 1.7 million customers and 99.9% of the time it’s going really well for them.

“But when the 0.1% goes wrong, it’s attention-grabbing and for many and it’s the only thing they get to see”.

Auckland Ratepayer’s Alliance spokesperson Sam Warren commented:

“Sadly, Auckland Transport has earned its reputation.  Even getting just the basics right proves too much of an ask for the organisation.

“Suggesting the network runs the way it should 99.9% of the time is incredulous, even delusional, when considering the recent news that trains are now only coming every 20 minutes during peak hours as a result of ongoing industrial action.

“Anecdotally, seven out of nine staff in our office take public transport either by bus, ferry or rail.  It’s now become a running joke around the water cooler each morning as we watch stragglers coming in 20–40 minutes late, without fail.  Stepping back, imagine what this costs Auckland businesses each year in efficiency.  AT needs to sort themselves out and claw back the trust of Auckland commuters.”