May 12, 2024

Campaign launched to demand Councillors overrule Auckland Transport’s proposed 24/7 CBD parking shakedown

The Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance is launching a campaign to defeat Auckland Transport’s proposal to shakedown Aucklanders by way introducing 24/7 parking charges in the CBD, including public holidays.

Ratepayers’ Alliance Spokesman, Sam Warren said:

“These changes aren’t needed, weren’t consulted on, and will disproportionately hit casual and part time workers needing to work in the CBD at the very times public transport is least available.

“Parking charges are supposed to be for keeping parks turning over during periods of high demand. This isn’t that, rather a naked revenue grab by Auckland Transport.

“Auckland Transport seem determined to kill Auckland’s CBD. Enough is enough. We are calling on Aucklanders to join us in calling on Wayne Brown and the elected councillors to overrule Auckland Transport by signing the petition at