Petition: Councillors should fight the Council's higher charges

Auckland Council is about to implement changes to household waste collection which will see households in Albany and Rodney wards paying up to 107% more.

Figures we have obtained from the Council show that:

  • those living in the former North Shore City will pay 64% more
  • those living in the former Rodney District will pay 46% more
  • those living in the former Waitakere City will pay 107% more


We're calling on local councillors Wayne Walker and Penny Webster fight for their constituents and obtain an opt-out for local residents who don't want or need the Council's expensive new regime.

Of course Cr Walker and Webster are two of the "Terrible Ten" - those Councillors who voted for Len Brown's 9.9% rates hike.

Let's send them a message that ratepayers want affordable rates and services!



I call on Councillors Wayne Walker and Penny Webster to fight the Council's expensive waste regime and for an opt-out provision in their wards.

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