Say no to a regional fuel tax

Government plans to introduce a regional fuel tax to help fund a five billion dollar tram through West Auckland to the Airport. The tax will see Aucklanders charged 10 cents more per litre at the pump.

Putting aside the congestion issue trams will cause to existing roads, our issue is how the Government are choosing to fund it. For decades, New Zealand has rightly ring-fenced petrol taxes to spend on roading maintenance and investment.

Vehicle owners already pay 47% in tax for their fuel. Hiking Auckland's pump prices to cover costs other than roading is nothing more than price gouging. Especially when just 3.9% in savings from the Council's $3.8 billion budget would forgo the need for a 10 cents per litre fuel tax.

This policy would see motorists paying for projects that they don’t benefit from, not for the transport infrastructure that Auckland desperately needs.

We say that Auckland Council should not use one form of transport to cross-subsidise others. If you agree, add your support to the petition below.

"We call on the Government to scrap plans to siphon fuel tax money from roads into other areas of spending such as trams and cycleways."

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