Say no to the regional fuel tax

While the Prime Minister has ruled out regional fuel taxes for the rest of the country, Auckland's motorists are still being punished at the pump. 

With higher petrol prices meaning more GST for government coffers, the regional tax should be abolished to give Auckland families a break from the punishment at the pump.

If Phil Goff delivered anywhere near the 4 to 6 percent annual efficiencies he promised in his campaign for Mayor Auckland Council would have more than enough for the all the infrastructure investment used to justify the fuel tax.

Instead the Government has given the Council a get-out-of-jail-free card to reach deeper into our pockets.


The Prime Minister should cancel the tax and force Phil Goff to meet his election promise instead.

We say that the Government should cancel the fuel tax and tell Phil Goff to meet his election promise. If you agree, add your support to the petition below.


"We call on the Government to cancel Auckland's regional fuel tax in line with the rest of the country."

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