Ratepayer Protection Pledge 2022

Every three years candidates fall over themselves to get your vote, but very seldom do they tell you what they really stand for. So, we’ve made it easy for both candidates and voters.

The Ratepayers’ Alliance has contacted all 23 mayoral and 65 ward candidates asking them to sign the Ratepayer Protection Pledge to keep future council tax increases below household inflation.

In June, inflation – as measured in the Consumer Price Index – reached a 32-year high of 7.3%. It has never been more expensive to live in Auckland, and every time councillors vote to put up our rates they make life that much harder for struggling households.

That’s why we are asking the next Mayor and Council to commit to making household inflation the benchmark for any future rate rises.

The Pledge is a cast iron guarantee signed by candidates.  It states:

“I [candidate’s name] pledge to all Aucklanders that I will not vote for any new targeted rates nor any measure that will increase the total average burden of rates, levies, and other compulsory Council charges above the rate of CPI Inflation.”

These candidates have pledged to vote for keeping rates below inflation

Mayoral candidates
✅ Craig Lord (Independent)
✅ Gary Brown (Independent)
✅ Michael Kampkes (Independent)

Ward candidates
✅ Greg Sayers (Independent) – Rodney
✅ John Watson (Putting People First) – Albany Ward
✅ Wayne Walker (Putting People First) – Albany Ward
✅ Tony Bunting (Independent) – North Shore Ward
✅ Raymond Tan (Independent) – North Shore Ward
✅ Mike Lee (Auckland Independent) – Waitemata & Gulf Harbour Ward
✅ Maurice Williamson (Independent) – Howick
✅ Sharon Stewart (Independent) - Howick
✅ Christine Fletcher (C&R) - Albert-Eden-Puketāpapa