September 23, 2019

Ratepayer Protection Pledge Update

As voting papers start arriving in letterboxes, we are glad to confirm that most of the leading Mayoral candidates have signed our Ratepayer Protection Pledge, limiting rate hikes to 2% per annum:

Mayoral candidates

Our Pledge is a cast iron promise to Auckland ratepayers. It states that:

I will not vote for any measures which increase the total average burden of rates, levies including the regional fuel tax, and other compulsory Council charges, by more than 2% per annum in aggregate.

Thanks to the Pledge, voters can identify ratepayer-friendly candidates from the crowded field.

But “C&R” dragging the chain

Incredibly, Citizens and Ratepayers – the main centre-right ticket in Auckland – has told its candidates for Council not to sign our Pledge!

C&R are running billboards and online adverts claiming they'll "halt rate hikes", but without signing the Pledge, how can we trust they’ll do what they say?

Tell C&R that if they want your vote, they need to sign the Pledge

In 2016, C&R Councillors Desley Simpson and Christine Fletcher signed the pledge.

Chris Fletcher now running as  John Tamihere's candidate for Deputy Mayor.

Tamihere has signed the Ratepayer Protection Pledge, but we understand C&R are stopping Cr Fletcher from doing the same. What is going on?

Will you take 30 seconds to tell C&R candidates to sign the Ratepayer Protection Pledge?

We've made it easy for you to email the C&R candidates to tell them to turn words into action. If they mean what they say on their billboards, there should be no problem standing with the Auckland Ratepayers' Alliance and our mission of Reasonable Rates, Sensible Spending.

Ask C&R to show they mean their slogans and will commit to capping rate hikes to 2%.

Tell them you'll only vote for C&R if they sign the pledge.

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PS. In the next few days we will be releasing our full voting guide - with the full list of who does, and doesn't, stand for a more affordable and efficient Super City Council.