October 17, 2016

The results are in: we did it!

The confirmed Council election results have now been released, and the efforts of the Ratepayers’ Alliance have altered the shape of the Council for the better.

A majority of Councillors have committed to fiscal prudence

Despite all the talk of the centre-right “Auckland Future” ticket failing (see the NZ Herald’s post-mortem here), your humble Ratepayers’ Alliance has ensured that the majority of councillors under the new Mayor have made a commitment to limit rate hikes and stand for fiscal prudence in our Super City!

We held those who voted for the 9.9% rates hike to account...

Councillor Penny Webster
Penny Webster was one of the
"Terrible Ten" held to account

Firstly, our campaign efforts and leafletting drops in the Rodney ward saw Len Brown’s former Chairperson of the Strategy and Finance Committee booted off the Council and replaced with Greg Sayers.  You will recall that Cr Webster claimed to champion fiscal prudence when, in fact, she was one of the ‘Terrible Ten’ that allowed the 9.9% rate hikes last year.  We are delighted to have helped elect a Councillor for Rodney who signed our 2% “Ratepayer Protection Pledge”.

Also gone is Calum Penrose (Manurewa-Papakura ward) – another one of the ‘Terrible Ten’.  Well done to Daniel Newman for what we understand was a very competitive campaign.

...and ensured a new Council won't repeat the same mistake

Of the new Council of 20 - a majority have either signed our Ratepayer Protection Pledge, an equivalent 2% pledge, or have a proven record of standing up for ratepayers.

Phil Goff (Mayor)

Has promised to limit annual rate increases to 2.5%

John Watson (Albany ward)

Signed Ratepayer Protection Pledge

Wayne Walker (Wayne Albany ward)

Signed Ratepayer Protection Pledge

Cathy Casey (Albert-Eden-Roskill)


Christine Fletcher (Albert-Eden-Roskill)

Signed Ratepayer Protection Pledge

Bill Cashmore (Franklin)


Sharon Stewart (Howick)

Signed Ratepayer Protection Pledge

Dick Quax (Howick)

Signed Ratepayer Protection Pledge

Alf Filipaina (Manukau)


Fa'anana Efeso Collins (Manukau)


Daniel Newman (Manurewa-Papakura)

Proven fiscal conservative: former Manakau City Councillor (who stood up to rate hikes) and stood on platform of ‘repairing the Council’s budget’ and opposing the Terrible Ten’s 9.9% rates rises.

John Walker (Manurewa-Papakura)

Signed Ratepayer Protection Pledge

Denise Krum (Maungakiekie-Tamaki)

Signed the Auckland Future’s Pledge (equivalent to the  Ratepayer Protection Pledge)

Chris Darby (North Shore)

Refused to sign pledge, however, ran billboards with “Rein in rates” message

Richard Hills (North Shore)


Desley Simpson (Orakei)

Signed Ratepayer Protection Pledge

Greg Sayers (Rodney)

Signed Ratepayer Protection Pledge

Penny Hulse (Waitakere)


Linda Cooper (Waitakere)


Mike Lee (Waitemata and Gulf)

Signed Ratepayer Protection Pledge

Ross Clow (Whau)


Reasonable Rates and Sensible Spending

Since the formation of the Ratepayers’ Alliance 18 months ago, it’s been very humbling to have had tens of thousands of Aucklanders join with us and support the cause to put Auckland Council onto a course of reasonable rates and sensible spending.  Achieving what we set out to do from the beginning – a council majority standing up for ratepayers – was only made possible thanks to you.

With your support, we'll keep fighting for you!

The work isn’t over yet.  Now our focus turns to holding those who have signed the Pledge to account and continuing to shine the light on wasteful Council spending.  To allow us to keep the heat on the newly elected Council - and ensure their words are put into action - please take a moment to donate.

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From the whole team here at the Ratepayers' Alliance, thank you again for your support - and making this fantastic result possible.