February 08, 2024

Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance Welcomes Scrapping of Auckland Regional Fuel Tax


Responding to news that the Auckland Regional Fuel Tax will be coming to an end in June 2024, Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance Spokesman, Jordan Williams, said:

“The regional fuel tax never would’ve been needed if Auckland Transport focussed on investing in the supercity’s roads rather than wasting money on backroom bureaucrats and unpopular pet projects like cycleways.

“Given the hundreds of millions in the Regional Fuel Tax slush fund that are still sitting unspent, the state of Auckland’s infrastructure clearly is not a cash issue; it’s an issue of council and AT staff who are failing to deliver.

“The focus now needs to be getting Auckland Transport up to snuff. The priority must be making sure that any replacement for the regional fuel tax down the line doesn’t end up as yet another way to fund council waste by reaching deeper and deeper into Aucklanders’ pockets.”