Defund Eke Panuku

In the last financial year, Auckland Council's property management and development agency spent $34 million on staff salaries and office space. To cover these costs, Panuku "recharged" the Council $14.5 million in staff time and received an $18.3 million handout from ratepayers.

Panuku employs 203 full-time staff but 9 of them are executives paid over $200,000 a year and 41 of them are lower-tier managers paid an average of $143,000 per year! That is a manager for every three staff.

Let Mayor Wayne Brown and the 20 elected Councillors know that you've had enough. Sign our petition asking the Council to suspend all ratepayer funding of Panuku.

"I call on the Governing Body of Auckland Council to suspend all ratepayer funding of Eke Panuku Development Auckland."

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