December 01, 2016

Auckland Transport funds re-brand for Lobby Group 'Cycle Action'

Hot on the heels of ATEED’s ill-fated attempt to rebrand Auckland as the ‘place desired by many’ comes news of another undesirable and wholly unnecessary branding exercise by an Auckland CCO (Council Controlled Organisation).

We have obtained information under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 showing that Auckland Transport has used ratepayers’ money to pay for a re-brand of cycle lobby group, Cycle Action, into ‘Bike Auckland’.

Ratepayers’ money should not be used to fund lobby groups or frivolous re-branding exercises. When Auckland’s roads are in disrepair and basic services are being cut to the bone, ratepayers will be alarmed to know their money is being used in this way.

Although the amount is small, it is the principle.  What role is it of Auckland Transport to pay for rebranding for groups which lobby it?  The Ratepayers’ Alliance would never accept a cent for something like this. It begs the question, who is lobbying who here?

How many more lobby groups are being funded by ratepayers in this way? It is just the pet lobby groups of a few Councillors that get this special treatment or is it every lobby group? Either way, ratepayers don't get value for money funding the Council's sockpuppet lobby groups.

You can view the Council's response here: