Email feedback on mirror disaster

Over the weekend, Auckland Council's new piece of art mirror which originally had a budget of $80,000, but cost ratepayers $260,000, cracked.

But Council says there’s nothing to see here…

Auckland Council’s Arts and Culture Manager Richard McWha said the cracks were "not unexpected and typical of many such art installations". He told the Herald that "After installation, there has been some minor separation between the brass and the substrate, most likely due to some expansion after initial exposure to the elements, resulting in what appears to be cracks."

What claptrap. Who erects a mirror 30 feet in the air expecting it to need repairing a week later? Did no one think it would be exposed to the elements?!

Use this page to email Mr McWha and the Mayor.

Tell them what you think about your money being used for the mirror.

How do you feel paying higher rates and Phil Goff's new Regional Fuel Tax so the Council has money to waste on this sort of project?

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