May 07, 2015

Len Brown's breaks his rates pledge

When running for Mayor in 2013, Len Brown promised not to increase average rates more than 2.5%.Lenbrown1.jpg

In November 2014 he stretched his credibility and voted for a 3.5% average rates.

Today he well and truly shattered his promise to Aucklanders.

We now face an average household rates increase of 9.9%.

Len Brown, along with deputy mayor Penny Hulse, Penny Webster, Arthur Anae, Cathy Casey, Bill Cashmore, Linda Cooper, Chris Darby, Alf Filipaina, Chris Fletcher, Mike Lee, Calum Penrose, Wayne Walker and Maori Statutory Board members David Taipari and Glen Wilcox voted for this increase.

The details of the tax plan show that it is the poorest and most vulnerable that will be hit the hardest. These are the very people Len Brown relied upon to elect him to office.

Reports detail that Otara and Papatoetoe will see rates increases of 16.9%, with similar increases for Beach Haven and Glenfield.

While some people will be able to reluctantly absorb the rates increases, others will find it a struggle to make ends meet.

Young families and elderly people who rely on their pensions, may find themselves having to cut back on the essentials in order to meet this increase.

We have launched a petition to remind Len Brown how his broken promises will cost Aucklanders. We encourage you to sign and share.


Tell Len Brown to do what he promised and not let rates get out of control - Sign the petition here