October 02, 2023

Auckland Councillors need to wake up and make savings to prevent looming rate hikes

Responding to Mayor Wayne Brown’s warning of a more than 13% rates increase for Auckland residents next year, Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance spokesman, Jordan Williams, said:

“Years of Auckland Council’s wasteful spending and project mismanagement have seen the Council’s budget hole skyrocket over recent years, but that doesn’t mean ratepayers should be left out to dry so that the council can continue its endless splurging.

“Auckland Council had the opportunity earlier this year sell their airport shares and pay down debt to prevent a rate increase above inflation. Instead, by only agreeing to a partial sale of the shares, the Council has left ratepayers with higher rates and millions of dollars of un-serviced debt.

“Now isn’t the time for councillors to cling on to the nice-to-haves and kick the debt burden down the road. Every cost-saving option should be on the table - including sale of the remaining airport shares - and tough decisions must be made now to ensure that ratepayers aren’t burdened by crushing rate hikes for years to come.

“Councillors who are currently unwilling to make the necessary cuts to expenditure need to take their head out the sand and realise the magnitude of the issues being faced by Auckland residents during this cost of living crisis."