Petition: Freeze pay for Auckland Councillors

Members of Parliament have courageously admitted that they can’t keep taking pay hikes while saying there’s no money to help doctors and nurses

Considering the Council is squeezing ratepayers with new charges and a regional fuel tax, at the same time as it ticks up council debt to over $11 billion, Mayor Phil Goff needs to show some leadership.

This year, Phil Goff’s pay is being hiked to $280,000, and for Councillors, $110,000. These hikes are unnecessary.

We've calling for a freeze of pay rates for Councillors, Local Board Members, and the Mayor until Auckland Council’s finances are brought under control.

Pay rates for Auckland Councillors, Local Board Members, and the Mayor should be frozen until new costs on ratepayers are brought down below the 2.5 percent per year that Phil Goff promised.

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