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November 29, 2017

Council again trying to block public from having say

Auckland Council is at it again. Last week, Auckland Councillors voted to prevent ratepayers and members of the public giving their views to councillors at public hearings on the Council’s proposed Long-Term Plan (also known...

November 24, 2017

Auckland revaluations – winners and losers

Auckland Council’s new capital valuations were released on Monday. The relative change in the CVs determine the level of rates homeowners will be responsible for over the next three years, starting July 2018. The average...

About Us

Rate hikes, proposed new taxes and a culture of wasteful spending means that the time had come for an Auckland Ratepayers’ Alliance.

We're a group of concerned citizens who have had enough of the Council wasting ratepayer money and want to hold Auckland Council to account. We expose Council waste, fight for transparency and provide a strong voice for householders struggling under an increased rates burden.

We are not a political party nor a council ticket. We are independent of the Council but will work with any candidates, councillors or local board members who also champion better value for money for our rates dollar.

If you agree that Auckland Council needs a watchdog, join the Ratepayers' Alliance. We rely on people like you supporting and donating to the cause.